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alienware devian edition window7

best wishes to all the loyal visitors windows theme gallery.
on this occasion I will share more, windows 7 theme collection to you all, this theme is designed with an attractive color display, and you can apply on a computer running windows 7.

This theme is sent directly by mr LACKE, via email, and I say many thanks to him, who shared to us all.

and for those of you who have a collection - an interesting collection of themes windows 7 or xp, you can send it to us via email,

ok, do not wait any longer, I will immediately share them with you:
please see example picture:

New Era custom windows 7 themes

hi guys, ..
happy because this time I will be back to share a collection of cool windows 7 theme, to all of you for free, I think the name of the theme this time is not so excessive in because of the various features in windows 7 theme is very interesting, especially this theme in design with vivid display and a bit transparent and collaborative green color that will make us comfortable to linger in front of a computer, let alone your own computer!

ok please see the preview images are below.

alien light blue by CTX

Hi guys, ..
after a few weeks of never again update the status of my job because in the real world is very dense, plus longer have to take care of a few other blogs I should update, now turn to the windows theme gallery that I will give one-touch windows 7 theme collection.

This theme was designed by CTX and comes with some interesting features as I would have summarized below:

AlienStart Orb
cursor Alienware_Invader_by_jacksmafia i changed the color to light blue
Alien clockgadget
beautyfull wallpapers thanks guys who has made ​​them
fantastic sonds

if you are interested please see the example



Theme this time I will give one more collection windows 7 theme to all of you, and the theme this time I gave special for a visitor named rio771 (initials), he asked specifically through facebook account inbox, and you can also download it if you really like this theme.

The following themes menu displays in the center, or the center menu. with a unique style, probably many are taking center menu, or maybe i have missed time yach ... hehhe

ok immediately wrote view preview:

well how do you think?? if you are interested in this subject premises please download now.


hi guys, ....
before you download a theme file, first I say Assalamu alaikum wr. wb.
if you are a Muslim to respond to my greetings, heheeheheeee. ok next step bismilah say that not happen when you download drop connection. if it is new I'll give you a little informasitentang this theme, ADVOC AMAZING PURPLE THEME, well that's the name of this theme, if his name quite fit you can change your name at will, but that obviously I will share with you, free of charge. providers may place theme download free, some require you to be a member or logged in prior to FTPP download the file. but here I will give it to just - just. and themes that I have prepared much different from windows 7 themes in general. [No standard].

ok only direct download

not use strings attached anymore, monggo direct suction, do not forget the comments bro.

Re-Degetized Windows 7 Theme

hi guy's, .. today I will try to give back a touch of the latest windows 7 theme, and the theme this time, coming from one of the visitors who are keen to give their work to this blog and share it with you all for free, and of course I would be happy to publish for loyal blog visitors' ll thank me for [vocation] is in canada.

ok immediately wrote what we look like windows 7 theme on the share to us.

hem, .. cool too. . . what about your friends - just friends right? ok I guess you guys can not wait to have this theme soon. ok please directly just click on the download below. enjoyyyyyy.

angry birds : windows7 themes

just a few hours ago I have given new windows7 themes collection, and this time I will give the theme again - another interesting theme no less cool. if you're a fan of the cartoon, now the theme this time might be suitable for you. angry birds windows 7.
and need sayaingatkan once again for your loyal visitors zikotechnofun, starting today you will be redirected kehalaman windowsthemegallery. so please understand ya boss!!

I immediately wrote dechhhh bagin, coz my friends all dah definitely curious.
monggo first clay preview:

QuikSilver theme adelonic ( red silver)

hi, .. before I again gave a series of themes for windows7 my collection, it helps me let you all in advance, that the blogs / websites that might zikotechnofun already familiar to you, has now been changed menjdi windowsthemegallery, true love really, coz zikotechnofun already well known in the universe cyberspace, in kategory windows themes, but due to several factors reasons, I was forced to move everything on this blog.
ok rather than trigger stale over time, hehehe.

as in zikotechnofun blog, I will return to present a collection of cool and tentuntya windows7 theme other than windows 7 theme circulating the internet, because I myself less interested in wearing the standard theme. hemmmmmm.

please see the display or sample picture below.

how do you think, cool right?? you can get it by clicking the download button below, and from this day I will give it for free, .... and without a password. to be more in the spirit of giving the collection theme. please give your support by commenting thanks.

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